TargetAvailable to students 13 years old and up

He is the main member of POPPING's original group ELECTRICBOOGALOOS,
He is one of the most respected POPPERs in the world.
He has taught many steps to Michael Jackson, including the globally popular "moonwalk",
He is also a god among dancers, having been involved as a backup dancer (BEAT IT, CAPTAIN EO, Ghost, etc.). Recently, he performed with Chris Brown in the music video for "yeah 3x," and his solo performance in the music video as a dancer is a very famous event.
He is very familiar with Japan, and has visited Japan many times with Skeeter Rabbit and has had a great influence on the Japanese dance scene. His outstanding skills, expressiveness, creativity, and musicality are the very essence of POPPING, and he is a charismatic dancer who has been called the greatest genius in the history of POPPING.

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