Studio Overview

Studio Lineup


Studio size: 12.7m × 7.6m
Capacity: ~ About 50 people


Studio size: 7.6m × 4.4m
Capacity: ~ About 15 people


Studio size: 7.6m × 4.3m
Capacity: ~ About 15 people


Studio size: 7.2m × 5.3m
Capacity: ~ About 20 people


Studio size: 7.2m × 4m
Capacity: ~ About 15 people


Studio size: 4m × 4m
Capacity: ~ About 5 people


Studio size: 11m × 8m
Capacity: ~ About 45 people
  • Vending machines
  • Air-conditioning and heating *Some studios are not allowed to use AC. For more details, please check “About studio AC”.
  • Dressing Room *Not be available for all-night rental.
Audio equipment
  • CDJ *Except Area01/ZONE2.3.6
  • Connector for iPod *Do not connect and use the microphone
Available Time
Daytime (1 hour or more, 30 minutes thereafter)
Mon 3:30 pm ~ 11:00 pm
Tue 2:30 pm ~ 11:00 pm
Wed 3:30 pm ~ 11:00 pm
Thu 1:30 pm ~ 11:00 pm
Fri 3:30 pm ~ 11:00 pm
Sat 12:00 pm ~ 10:00 pm
Sun 1:30 pm ~ 6:00 pm
Midnight 6 hours pack
All studios / All days 11:30 pm ~ 5:30 am*1
  • Available time of studio rental changes based on the class schedule.
  • Rental studio is reservation-only.

*1 The staff will not be available during these hours, so please come to the reception desk during business hours or use the ticket vending machine on the 5th floor to make payment.

Rental Rates

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
(All day)
Midnight pack
Area01¥3000 /1hour¥4000 /1hour¥4500 /1hour¥8000 /6hour
ZONE2¥1500 /1hour¥2000 /1hour¥2000 /1hour¥4000 /6hour
ZONE4¥2000 /1hour¥2500 /1hour¥3000 /1hour
ZONE5¥1500 /1hour¥2000 /1hour¥2000 /1hour
ZONE6¥1000 /1hour¥1500 /1hour¥1500 /1hour
  • There is no change in the fee depending on the number of people using the room.
  • The discount system for same-day reservations will end at the end of April 2023.

Reservation Method

Web reservation

Please make a reservation from Rental reservation page . Membership registration (free of charge) is required to use online reservations.
If you haven't registered as a member yet, please register from Here .


Regarding Reservations
  • Reservations can be made starting from 2 months in advance.
  • Business hours and rental reception times vary by day of the week, and may change due to holidays or other reasons. Please make sure to check before making a reservation.
Regarding Payment
  • Payment can be made in cash (in-store) or through online payment methods (credit card/PayPay).
  • Please enter the studio only after completing the payment of the rental fee. If you choose to pay in cash and the staff is unavailable, please use the ticket vending machine on the 4th floor for payment. Additionally, online payment (credit card/PayPay) is possible through My Page until the start of the reservation time.
  • Receipts will be issued in the name of the person making the reservation. If you wish to change this, please indicate it in the remarks section at the time of booking. If renting when staff is unavailable, receipts will be given during business hours or sent to the registered email address.
  • There is no facility fee, and the rental fee remains constant regardless of the number of users.
  • Additional charges apply for event use. Please inquire for details.
  • If you are unable to arrive at the reserved time, it will be automatically canceled 30 minutes after the start time. If you are running late, please contact us by phone. Please note that the rental fee will still be charged according to the reserved time.
  • Failure to contact us will result in an unauthorized cancellation, and repeated instances may lead to a ban on future studio use.
Regarding Changes and Cancellations
  • Cancellations made within 3 days of the reservation date will incur a cancellation fee. Please make cancellations via My Page at least 4 days in advance.
  • Payment of cancellation fees must be made within 1 week from the cancellation date. Payment methods include in-store payment, bank transfer, or PayPay QR code payment.
  • If the cancellation date (or unauthorized cancellation date) exceeds 1 week, late fees may apply.
  • Changes or additions to reservation times are only accepted if there is availability. Shortening the reservation time is considered a cancellation, and cancellation fees apply from 3 days in advance.
  • Refunds for online payments will be processed after confirmation of cancellation request. Please contact your credit card company for details on billing cycles for credit card payments.
  • Excessive reservation or cancellation may result in cancellations from our end. Please note that cancellation fees may still apply even if canceled by 4 days in advance, and repeated excessive behavior may result in a ban on future use.
Regarding Cancellation Fees
  • With Notification:
    1 day to 3 days prior: 50% of the rental fee
    On the day: 100% of the rental fee
  • Without Notification:
    100% of the rental fee + cancellation fee of ¥1,100
Regarding Studio Air Conditioning
  • Air conditioning in ZONE2, 3, 4, 5 Area07 is for cooling only; heating is not available.
  • During winter, temporary heaters are installed in each studio for use. (Area01/ZONE6 temperature can be adjusted)
  • ZONE2, 3 studios have a fixed temperature setting during daytime rentals; temperature adjustment is not available.
    (Dec-Jan-Feb: No air conditioning / Oct-Nov-Mar-Apr-May: Cooling at 23℃ / Jun-Jul-Aug-Sep: Cooling at 20℃; nighttime rentals have adjustable settings)
  • Exercise caution when using Area01 due to low-hanging air conditioning ducts.

Terms of Use

  • Rental studios are for practice and rehearsal purposes only. Other uses (e.g., accommodation purposes, parties) are not permitted.
  • Eating in the studio is prohibited. Please use the waiting area for meals. Alcohol consumption is prohibited in all areas.
  • Limit use of waiting areas and changing rooms to approximately 30 minutes before and after the rental time. Prolonged stays outside of rental times may inconvenience others, and staff may intervene if necessary.
  • The building is entirely non-smoking. Please avoid lingering near the entrance on the 1st floor to avoid disturbing other facilities.
  • Late-night rentals (23:30-5:30) are not available for those under 18. Daytime rentals (5:30-23:30) are not available for middle school students or younger.
  • Lock the studio from the inside when in use.
  • Rental time is calculated from entry to exit. Prepare to leave 5 minutes before the end time and vacate promptly. Failure to do so may result in additional charges.
  • The studio is monitored by surveillance cameras.
  • Use of other studios or use outside of rental hours is strictly prohibited and may incur additional charges.
  • No outdoor footwear is allowed inside the studio; please use indoor footwear. Additional cleaning fees may apply if outdoor footwear is found to be used.
  • Only equipment provided in the studio may be used. Avoid using items from hallways, waiting areas, or other studios.
  • Ensure that all equipment, tables, and fixtures are returned to their original positions before leaving. Turn off audio, lighting, and air conditioning before leaving and cooperate with mopping if requested.
  • Damage to studio equipment, mirrors, floors, walls, or other fixtures will incur full reimbursement.
  • Connecting high-power devices such as hair dryers, hair irons, or projectors is prohibited. Additional charges may apply if discovered.
  • Free Wi-Fi is available, but connectivity may vary depending on usage. We are not responsible for any issues encountered during Free Wi-Fi use.
  • Studios are not soundproof. Depending on usage in neighboring studios, silent usage may not be guaranteed.
  • We are not liable for any damage to personal mobile phones, cameras, or injuries, accidents, theft, or disputes between customers while using studio equipment. Access to the DJ booth in Area01 is prohibited, and equipment inside cannot be used.
  • The black speakers installed in Area01/07 are for events only and cannot be used for general rentals. Additional fees may apply if used. Please refer to signage near the studio's audio equipment for speakers available for general rental.
  • The lighting fixtures (attached to the baton) installed in Area01/07 are for events only and cannot be used for general rentals. Additional fees may apply if used. Ceiling-mounted color lighting is available for general use.
  • Unauthorized modification or replacement of wiring is strictly prohibited. Please check with the reception before use. Prepare your own connection cords and wires. Restore everything to its original state before leaving.


  • Q.I made a mistake in my reservation. Can I make changes?
    A. If it's within 4 days of the reservation date, cancel it once via My Page and rebook for the correct date and time. Please note that during this process, other reservations may be made. If it's within 3 days of the reservation date, please call us immediately. Cancellation fees may apply for contact made after the reservation is confirmed.
  • Q.Can I use a ¥10,000 bill at the ticket vending machine for payment?
    A.¥10,000 bills, ¥5,000 bills, and new ¥500 coins cannot be used at the ticket vending machine. Please prepare ¥1,000 bills or coins for payment. Online payment is also available through My Page until the start time of the rental.
  • Q.Can I take the ticket home instead of getting a receipt?
    A.Tickets issued by the machine should be filled out with your details and deposited in the postbox on the machine. Receipts will be provided separately.
  • Q.Can I use the changing rooms or waiting areas before my rental time?
    A.You can use the changing rooms and waiting areas before and after your reservation time. Please limit usage to approximately 30 minutes before and after your reservation time. Please note that prolonged use may result in staff intervention.
  • Q.Can I rent for only 30 minutes?
    A.Reservations are accepted in increments of 30 minutes, with a minimum of 1 hour. Unfortunately, reservations for only 30 minutes are not available.
  • Q.I'm planning to conduct a workshop during the rental. Do I need to pay extra?
    A.No additional fees are required for workshops or lessons conducted for profit. However, events (e.g., showcase events, battle events) will incur separate event usage fees. Please inquire for details.